Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lifestyle Crafts..part 2 of busy creating!

  I belong to a die of the month club at my local scrap store. Every month we get a new 2x2 die from Lifestyle Crafts. With that die we are to create an ATC card to be traded at our next meeting. The group of women that belong to this group are very creative. We like to think outside the box with these dies and create something completely different. Sometimes we'll use the die the way it is supposed to be used, other times we get creative. I do not take pictures every month of what I have made with the dies, really wish I did. I am learning and I am starting to take pics of what I have created with the die and a pic of the creation with the die case. The last 2 dies that I was given were of an umbrella and an owl. So, I put my thinking cap and tried to think outside of the box. What could I make with these two? First of all, the owl does not look like an owl! It looks like a pine cone, or baby chick, or almost a bit like a Furby. With the "owl" I thought long and hard. What did I finally come up with? A flower! Yup, I cut the owl out 3 times, ran my embossing tool around the middle and edges, then inked it up with my cats eye chalk ink. I used 3 different pinks. (hmm...maybe one of theses I will actually type this while still having the supplies around me!) I used the feet, beak and eyes as the center of my flower. I embossed my ATC card then covered it with my Gelatos (blue and green). After finding and attaching 3 leaves I adhered my flower to the ATC. Using pink chalk ink to match my flower I stamped the words "For Someone Special" and pop dotted it to the ATC. Here is how it came out:

 Now, the other die I was given was the umbrella. I mad the umbrella into a punch bowl and cup. I used the handle of the umbrella as the ladle. I used the clear portion of the packaging as the glass portion of the punch bowl. Sheer red ribbon makes up our punch. There is funky yellow and blue circle "wallpaper" as my background, a gold disco ball, some pennants as wall decor for the party, and a pleated tablecloth made out of ribbon. I also used a cupcake brad, with back posts removed, to be a cake for the "party".

Been Busy Creating!

 Lots of pics coming up. I have been busy creating and decorating. Not too long ago I decided that I wanted to dress up the wall space above our mantel. Our walls are called High Drama - very nice red. I bought Bo Bunny's 12x12 pack of Enchanted paper. I had my husband cut out 9 12x12 pieces of plywood. I picked out 4 black pieces of paper and 5 pieces of white paper, then painted the sides of the boards (4 white, 5 black). I decoupaged the white papers on the black boards and black on white. My husband then laid a grid out on the wall so that all pictures would be even and properly spaced. My middle paper already had a saying on it so I highlighted some of the words with Red Stickles then outlined the border. I also added some flowers.With my Cricut I die cut the words LIVE, LAUGH,LOVE,FAMILY,FAITH & INSPIRE, then Stickled those in red also. All red words were adhered to the black papers. Here is how it came out:
With that done I decided to buy my daughter a water-bottle for her recital. To make sure it did not get confused with anyone else's bottles I busted out my Cricut and vinyl and personalized it for her. Using the Rock Princess digi cart I cut out the letters of her name at 2 inches in black and silver shadow. I also used blue and white gems along with my I-Rock to add some bling to the letters. Along with personalizing her bottle I also added her name to her mirror. I used the Type Candy digi cart that was free that week in the Cricut Craft Room. Again, with my I-Rock I added some bling. She loved it! I am now working on one for my niece and son. My niece has a purple bottle. I am using the Type Candy digi cart again with silver and pink vinyl. I also used my Cuttlebug and a 2x2 Lifestyle's Crafts die to make the flowers. She also has bling added to hers.

I can't wait to mail it off to her! Will most likely use the Robotz Cricut cart to make the bottle for my son. He has a blue water-bottle, I just need some red vinyl to go with it.