Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pics are Up!

I removed the old scraproom pictures and put the new and complete ones up. The only thing I still need to do in there is to label all of my drawers. I also need to get a new work chair, the one I have now really bother my back. It is great to go in there, shut the door, put on a netflix movie and scrap in peace! It's also great to know where everything is!


  1. Congrats on that. I'm in the middle of a scrap space re-do and don't know when it will ever get finished. Stuff just keeps coming up to interrupt me!

  2. It was the same way for me. It took me almost a year to get it finished. Things just kept happening and coming up. It was a lot of fun organizing everything and putting it all away. Good luck on yours!